Basically Jurassic Park Territory


tory: Really? All right. Dinosaurs. Around the world. The OG Park crew and the World-is team up to make prehistoric locusts. Trust me, keep going.

Genre I want to put it in: silly fun with Dino-sawers!

Release Date: 2022
Remake, Sequel, based on, or original: actually, part 2? All right. Some of all the Jurassic thangs.

What’s Up?: Should I grab this the moment I saw it open in the morning? Yep. Yep, I should be. But since I forgot RSVP for this press screening, do you think you will get a timely insight into my thoughts about this movie? You know me better than that. But in matter you are the three or four who have read this mommyblog and have not yet seen Dominion? Go see it. Because Dominion is brainless enjoyment perfect for the hot weather” give me some fun and I enjoy the air-conditioning days of this theater”.

Do you think you know what will happen as the plot progresses? Yes, you are all right. 100% of the time, you guess exactly what will happen next. Like callbacks to the OG movies? From a child, you will love everyone who is drawn into your face. Is any of the main cast even in the slightest peril? Well, kinda. But like a brown Hornet, they all escape naturally, unharmed! What did you think was going to happen, director Colin Trevorrow was going to mess with success? Not entirely, my friends. I expected someone to rescue a cute kitten, because that kitten would not only survive along with this cast, but would most likely take out a Spinosaurus or something. Y’know, in the cutest way possible.

So this sounds like bland pablum to you? You are crazy. Dominion completely freakin rocks. The action has a good pace, the dinosaurs are entertaining as heck, the strange prehistoric locusts are total (apologize to everyone I worked with when I volunteered at the National Zoo’s inverted home; these buggy buggers are creepy), the big bad business CEO is eeeee-vile, not too mustache-twirly, and it’s Michael Giacchino’s score that uses bits and pieces of John Williams ‘ Jurassic beats to perfection, mixing everything into a sumptuous whole. In addition, Big Momma/Rexy is loud and proud, ready to wear down and defend her place in the world. Yes, she even survives. What is it? It’s a spoiler? Are you new to this series?

Go out and enjoy. DBox/shakey-seats are recommended but not absolutely necessary. You’ll want to see this on the bigger screen, the bigger you can manage though. Grab popcorn. Grab a candy. Get a medium-ish soda-at 2 1/2 hours + what sounds like forever’s worth of pre-film commercials and trailers, you don’t want to miss some cool fx/fun callback while running – and enjoy. Want depth? Hit up A24 or something. A24 is incredible, but sometimes you need a little horror. Dominion is beautiful.

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