Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


We’re all on the same page with the MCUniverse, right? Magic, monsters, multiverses, time travel, yada yada? Cool. Because after all that Doctor Strange, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man have been doing recently, there seems to be some craziness going on in all universes. Time to universe shop, do other things here in 616 and meet all sorts of new people that our gang can ask for help or need help to overcome. Do you want more? I’m sorry, Kevin Feigie is on my neck, making sure I don’t spoil anything. I can feel his breath…how does he do it? (And seriously, go into this one with all the MCU 411 you had before, but otherwise as blindly as possible, for maximum (moff) enjoyment.)

Genre I would Put it in: Crazy Sequels that Prepare You for a CHANGE of THINGS
Release Date: 2022
Remake, Sequel, Based on or Original: Based on Marvel comic characters. Part of the MCU.

I have to say: if there’s one thing I can tell you about this movie – and believe me, there are a lot of things I’m not really allowed to do – it’s that this movie should really be called Scarlet Witch and the Mountain of Issues. Because although the name of the documentary is in the title, it is his fellow avenger who has the bulk of the character arc in this film. And yes, before you watch madness, you need to know on your WandaVision and what if Disney Channel to get the maximum payout when things get crazy.

Because oh my friends and oh my enemies, director Sam Raimi absolutely goes off the chain here. And it’s fucking glorious when he does it. Yes, there is the required slog when the dominoes are set up… But when they start to explode, do they bleed out of existence and fall. It’s so much fun. Fair warning to my friends with a weak heart; although all the talk of “This is terrible miracle that is terrible”? My horror tuchas have not seen anything really scary. But how did my soul beat its feet in disgust years ago? I may be too numb to blood, gore and scary stuff to let MCU Horror-Lite affect me. But they more delicate creatures could sneak in when Sam is full of Raimi. (Yes, keep an eye on it. He’s here. Of course he’s here. And that’s all the spoiler you’ll get from me.)

There are a lot of funny cameos here too, so make sure you have your joyful voice ready. There’s [EDITED] and [CLASSIFIED], not to mention the big reveal, if [A CHARACTER] sees that [NOT ON THAT DAY] Well, I’m sure you understand the picture. Feigie is definitely setting things up, and it will be interesting to see where this overall story leads and which cast members will be there for future films. I’m really excited about the opportunity to see [NEE] and [SIKE] together on the screen, and oh hi [STOP, DENISE] and [This GAG IS GETTING OLD] would also be fun together on the screen.

Do I have some nits to pick? Of course I do. Soulless, remember? The plot is a bit messy, even for the crazy story that is offered. The dialogue can be a bit too simplistic and borderline silly here and there. And many of the featured characters are only there for a moment or two. I am glad that you do not exceed your greeting, but I would have liked to see a little more before these special characters leave the stage. But I love the little things, such as how a certain character wears a denim jacket with “Amour es Amour” on her denim jacket. Try to take that out of the movie for China! (Who am I kidding; you’ve probably already done that. SI.) The chemistry between established characters and newly introduced characters is right, which is why I would love to see some of these MCU newcomers back on the big screen. And while the CGI is a little less than the gorgeous Kirby-esque Ragnarok or the trippy OG Strange – think cable-worthy rather than award-worthy – there are moments when it’s absolutely stunning. Grab a huge popcorn and enough of a drink so that your mouth does not turn into a salt desert (see #Protip), and enjoy. This is the beginning of a new, post-apocalyptic multiplex summer. And I missed it.

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