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Andzei Matsukevit’s ‘Stronger through Stress’ is a documentary that recalls many of the trends, messages and practices that you can experience in the media today. I can guarantee that at some point you have already researched many of the points explained in the film. Commonalities for all these “myths” may seem like another tricky piece of information that promises to change your life if you apply only what someone else propagates as the ultimate truth. It is possible that some viewers will even stop watching the film after the first 5 minutes.

But what I found more interesting about stress is that it doesn’t stand out as a kind of Bible. He even initially denies a message that you should never do anything differently without consulting a specialist. Imagine if this was included in all social media posts. Imagine that every influencer would give up his responsibility for the message he claimed.

Stronger by stress is a document that may cause you to doubt everything you know about your own body, without confirming that he has the whole truth about it. Science has so far had the ultimate truth about everything that is going on inside you. What if science could go even further? And what if some people out there have the ability to explore the rarely recognized mind-body relationship?

In Stronger by Stress, a group of “specialists” explains their arguments on the arguable topic of biohacking, the art of improving oneself by applying a number of techniques. Lose stress, evaluate your body with full mindfulness and really improve performance. Yes, it’s a bit holistic and fictional, but all the medical advances with one person began to ask too many questions.

The experience, which is made stronger by stress, is completely personal in terms of results. You will probably decide to change a few things because you believed in what these people said. But ask yourself if you just wanted to recognize a sign that you have been sending for so long. There are no secrets that you have not heard before in Stronger by Stress. So why are we still looking for something out there? What are we looking for? What if stronger stress is more than a poignant message about something possible? Each of us knows that we need to start changing some things if we want to see results. A movie shouldn’t change you, but it can make you think about the bigger picture, which is longer than you experiment every day.

Again, Stronger by stress does not claim to preserve the truth about anything. Its director is processing several testimonials together to point out something very important: the need to look inward and get rid of something as toxic and eternal as stress. Practically the only reason is that we have to look for a method. If a movie can help me with this, I will watch hell.

Yes, adapting to a new lifestyle requires sacrifice. But being stronger by stress makes it interesting to do this. In addition, it seems that it is relatively easy to improve your life. Unless you are skeptical. In this matter, Stronger by stress probably feels like a funny science fiction movie.

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